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February 2019 Newsletter

February 2019 Newsletter

Shop 3, Kilbirnie Plaza, 22 Bay Road
Kilbirnie, Wellington 6022
(04) 387 4505



We’re delighted to announce that we’re staying in business, in Kilbirnie, for the foreseeable future! We move to 40 Coutts Street - the building between Westpac bank and Kip McGrath - on Monday 1 April. The renovations have started already. New paint, new carpet and new lighting will transform the shop and also the separate building - our classroom - at the back of the shop, in the carpark area. We will have 5 carparks all of our own and believe that parking nearby, especially in the evening when we hold many classes, won’t be a problem.

Although we’ll be moving on 1 April, we probably won’t be open for business at the new premises until the end of that week. I’ll post Facebook and Instagram updates to let you know when you can check out our new space!

Can you imagine moving all of our stock? We can’t either - and we have to downsize considerably - so we’ll be having some amazing sales in the next few week, of demo sewing machines, and some lines of wool, habby and fabrics. Come and see us before we move and follow us on Facebook and Instagram meantime for details of sales!

Our other big news is that, sadly, Shirley Mooney won’t be joining us at the new premises. She has commuted from Lower Hutt to Kilbirnie for more than 6 years and the journey has become more time-consuming each year so she’s decided - reluctantly - to work near her home and save the many hours she now spends sitting in traffic. We will miss her hugely as she’s our resident quilting expert and tutor and is very experienced in every part of the shop’s stock and systems. We wish her all the best and look forward to her coming back to teach classes in our new classroom.

Please spread the word that we’re moving. We’ll publicise it as much as possible but word of mouth is always the best way of spreading news.

See you soon - in the old shop and/ or the new one!

Jo, Shirley, Prue, Gemma, Trish and Toni

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