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January 2019 Newsletter

Shop 3, Kilbirnie Plaza, 22 Bay Road
Kilbirnie, Wellington 6022
(04) 387 4505


If you’ve read between the lines of my recent newsletters you won’t be too surprised to learn that when my 3 year lease on the shop’s premises expires on 31 March (ie in 10 weeks’ time), I won’t be exercising the option to renew it. Quite simply, this business can’t afford to rent these very large premises. It’s sad, as all of us who work here - and no doubt most of you - love the shop and believe it’s a real asset to Wellington and beyond. But we’re way more than a building: we’re a community - and so we hope to keep the shop (and our classes) going in less expensive premises somewhere in the eastern suburbs.
So far, the search for alternative premises hasn’t been fruitful - which is why I’m now publicising our situation, in case someone knows something that might prove useful!

My prerequisites for alternative premises are these:
Reliable parking nearby, good access, sufficient display space for our stock (which we will have to reduce), a dedicated space for classes, good light (or lighting), the ability to moderate summer and winter temperatures (ie insulation, air-con or good air flow)), toilet, kitchenette, and some street appeal/presence.
Many other things would be bonuses eg. proximity to public transport and to other nice shops!
I’m also open to sharing premises with another (non-competing, not noisy, not smelly!) business.
I have commercial real estate agents working on my behalf but if anyone hears of anything that might be an option for us, please let me know!
Meantime it’s almost business as usual - though the uncertainty about the future isn’t much fun to live with day by day.

Once we find somewhere suitable, I’ll use every channel possible to publicise our new location! If we can’t find other premises within a reasonable time, I think the only option will be to close the shop, which is an outcome none of us wants to contemplate.


We’ve timetabled 12 classes so far between now and the end of March.
(2 are for kids before school goes back.)
Check out the classes page for details. 
To enrol email or text or phone Jo on 0274 264 870

This is the new sample of what will be made in the next beginners’ crochet class. It’s on Feb 14, 21 and 28, (Thursdays) 6.15 to 8pm each evening.
Learn to crochet granny squares and join them together! $70 class fee. BYO crochet hook and DK yarn. Tutor Prue Hurndell.

When we schedule a class, I email the people whose email addresses and class preferences are in the address book on the shop counter. Some people haven’t said which class(es) they’d like to do so if you’ve not heard from me directly about a class you’re keen to try, please check with me what information I have for you and we will update it!

We have some great deals in-store! Latest sale items include a selection of demo and other sewing machines, overlockers and other machines with full warranties. Some are the latest models. Some are the latest-but-one version of that machine. Google any of these machines to see their features!
Sewing Machines - current models with warranties

  • Elna Lotus (computerised) current retail price $999 - 1 demo model and 1 brand new in its box - our price $799 each
  • Elna Experience 540 (computerised) current retail price $799 - 1 demo model and 1 brand new in its box - our price $645 each 
  • Elna Explore 240 (mechanical) current retail price $399 - 1 demo model - our price $299
  • Janome MW3018LE (mechanical) current retail price $599, 1 demo model - our price $449
  • Janome Sewist 521 (mechanical - just superseded) most recent retail price $449, our price $379 

Overlockers - current models with warranties

  • Janome Mylock 644D current retail price $699, 1 demo model and 2 brand new in their boxes
Digital cutting machines - current models with warranties
  • Janome Artistic Edge 15 inch - current retail price $899, 1 demo model , our price $699; 
  • Janome Artistic Edge 12 inch - current retail price $699, 1 brand new in its box, our price $499

Other machines with full warranties.

Manufacturers regularly update their selection of sewing machines, dropping some models from their current list. They also release new versions of certain machines, updating certain features of those models. These changes can mean that we have demo machines or machines in stock that are no longer current or not the very latest examples of their model.
My agreement with the suppliers of the next 3 machines means I can sell them only to customers who are in “my” geographical area - ie I need to be the purchaser’s closest retailer of these machines.

Sewing/quilting machine

  • Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 875, This excellent machine was superseded some time ago but our demo model still carries a full manufacturer’s warranty. Our price $2199 ono!

Sit down quilting machine

  • Handiquilter Sweet 16, our demo model is 1 off being the latest version of the Sweet 16 but comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty. The latest version of the Sweet 16 has a RRP of $11,999. Our demo machine‘s price, including table and bobbin winder is $9000. (The Trustitch regulator is extra. Ours is brand new - RRP $1590) 

Sashiko machine

  • Babylock Sashiko, our demo machine is 1 off being the latest version of this amazing machine but comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty. Save $500 off the current retail price of the latest Sashiko by buying our machine!


Other News!

New Crucci yarns!

We now have a great selection of Crucci yarns, including 3 and 4 ply merinos, 8 ply wool, 8 ply acrylic, 14 ply mohair/wool - and more! Come and see.

New Janome Skyline S6
This machine has just arrived in-store! Introductory price $1999.

Check it out here!
(One new feature is its Acufeed Flex fabric feeding system!)

That’s it for now. We’ll be in touch as soon as there’s more big news  - 

Jo, Shirley, Prue, Gemma, Trish and Toni 

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