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We stock a great range of Babylock overlockers and coverstitch /coverseam machines, most of which have the unique self-threading feature that makes life so much easier!  We also run regular overlocker classes at the shop (bootcamps we call them) where you get to make entire garments on your 4 thread overlocker. (We can even lend you an overlocker to use in the class if you're keen to try one out.)  

There are certain restrictions on our sale of Babylock products online, which is why this site asks you to get in touch with us for further information about  them. If you can come into the shop to see the machines demonstrated, and try them out for yourself, that's always the best way to gather information, and it guarantees that we can sell you exactly what you need!  







Babylock bl097


Babylock cover seam blcs-2

Babylock eclipse ble1dx-2

Babylock enlighten ble3atw-2

Babylock evolution

Babylock imagine

Babylock ovation

Babylock sashiko