Rowan Magazine 66

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Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 66 includes two companion publications—Bookbound Magazine 66 and Focus: Natural Fibres—chock full of updated classics featuring a variety of favorite Rowan yarns. In this issue you will find dozens of sweaters and accessories for men and women using a wide range of techniques and color combinations that highlight the beauty and everyday wearability of Rowan's yarn. 

Two new natural-fiber Rowan yarns make their debut in Focus: Natural Fibres — Island Blend  and Cashmere Haze. Island Blend is a lush Merino, alpaca, and silk blend yarn with a gorgeous sheen and silky softness. Cashmere Haze is a luxurious blend of alpaca, cashmere, and silk that is unbelievably soft and has a beautiful halo.