Machine Repairs

Our experienced sewing machine technician works offsite. He collects our machines for service or
repair from the shop once a week and, in normal circumstances, returns them a week later. If parts
are needed for a machine, or extra work is required, we’ll inform the customer and obtain their
consent to any work beyond a service or minor repair.

The cost of a service, including minor repairs, is about $150. We take a $50 deposit when you drop
off the machine, which goes towards the total cost. An assessment of the condition of your
machine, eg to determine whether it can be fixed, will cost about $50.

Our technician supplies a written report on every machine delivered to him. It will list what he has
done as part of his service/minor repair work or, if the machine needs more than that or is not able
to be repaired, will provide his expert assessment of what should happen next.

When you drop off a machine for service or repair we will give you a flyer explaining exactly what is
involved. One thing that’s important to know is that new parts are no longer made for many older
machines (over about 20 years old) by their manufacturers. Our repairman can, however, 3D print
some plastic parts that need replacing.

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